Protected areas are those in which human occupation or at least the exploitation of resources is limited. The definition that has been widely accepted across regional and global frameworks has been provided by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in its categorization guidelines for protected areas. There are several kinds of protected areas, which vary by level of protection depending on the enabling laws of each country or the regulations of the international organizations involved. The term "protected area" also includes Marine Protected Areas and Transboundary Protected Areas that overlap multiple countries for conservation and economic purposes. There are four categories of Protected Areas in India
1. National Parks of India
2. Wildlife Sanctuaries of India
3. Conservation Reserves of India
4. Community Reserves of India

About Protected Area Networks (PAN)


India is one of the mega diverse countries of the world. With only 2.4% of world’s land area, 16% of the world’s human population and 18% livestock, it contributes about 8% of the known global biodiversity, however, putting enormous demands on our natural resources.

Thus a network of 693 Protected Areas has been established, extending over 158645.05 sq.kms. Comprising 103 National Parks, 525 Wildlife Sanctuaries, 60 Conservation Reserves and 4 Community Reserves.

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